Lights, Camera, Action

Ruiner 2016, Video, 11:50 min, 2016.

Exhibition View: Gallery Stephanie Kelly, Dresden, 2016

"Ruiner 2016" CGI Video about virtual Ruins, more coming soon..


In the video „ Ruiner 2016“  by Ullrich Klose the viewer is guided by a tracking shot through a virtual ruin landscape.
However the electronic building fabric decays not by itself to this condition, they must be assembled in this state before.
Therefore, the digital ruins do not arise by the times through environmental or physical stress, but are designed as such -their existence solely depends on the durability and accessibility of their digital carrier mediums.
Similar to the widespread artificial ruins of the 18th/ 19th century romanticism, Ullrich Klose constructs a digital "staffage" situation from ruin models which are used in their original context as scenery for computer games. However, the therby generated atmosphere can not be interpreted as existential questions of the individual or as a deep connection towards nature, rather, they are now a reference to nowadays overturning processes  in the development of science and technology as well as to current political issues from the perspective of the so-called "parallax scrolling". This concept  generates movement and spatial depth, for example multiple objects at different speeds where directed virtually from the side or front pass the recipient.
This motion parallax was especially used widespread in computergames, together with the used film expression of a endless loop, it conveys, as well as the belief in progress, an imperative of eternal progression in virtual worlds, just without the bosses of computer games.